Andrew Gara

My experience with the South Australian department of Health began with Andrew Gara.

Gara is a paedophile, and for many years he worked as a counsellor out of Carramar. His role was to counsel couples into conflict so they could lose custody of their children and those children were then available. Gara tried to counsel me into conflict and he had this stupid suggestion, that he and his partner had an agreement whereby neither one of them could leave the relationship without the consent of the other party. This was a stupid idea i explained to him and that the man was an arrogant imbecile to think he could maintain a relationship that was forced by some half baked agreement. The truth was the man had no partner as such. Just the children.

I quickly became disturbed by these infantile efforts to sow conflict in my relationship. I assured the idiot that if my girlfriend was done with the relationship, then it would be over. And i did a bit of digging into gara, i just googled his name which is kind of unique and up came a website called newyoga, hosted by a sicko named peter wilberg over in the UK. He writes about love and sex between adults and children in a round about way. Nothing is hidden, it's still on there on the net, this paedophile fantasy stuff. Justifying it by calling it the second and third axis of sexuality. It's nothing of the sort, it's just an excuse to get their hands on kids.

So, i read this evidence and i reported Gara to the police. The last time i saw him he was wearing handcuffs and being ushered into the back of a paddy wagon. Good riddance. I got my revenge on him for his lousy excuse for counselling.

For many years they were running this paedofest out of Carramar. I first came accross it when i had through a youth organisation as i was a youth, contact with youths staying at Joyce Schultz house on south terrace in the city.

The youths staying there were being targeted at Carramar, the details i didn't get at the time, but when i came across Gara years later, it all fell into place.

Carramar was a ghostly, rundown mansion on Greenhill Rd and was the site of much abuse and paedo delight. I remember the paedophile social worker at Joyce Schultz house gushing over Carramar. He wouldn't say what it was but he was delighted with the place.


A corner stone of the abuse is to misdiagnose the target as having a mental illness, subject them to inpatient incarceration and medicate them until they're gaga. I know this cause i've been misdiagnosed and am being medicated for a mental illness of which i do not suffer. I don't have visions or delusions or psychotic attacks. But i'm diagnosed as suffering this stuff and suffer the impediment of being forced to take medication which has side effects that i do not need.

A key player in dispensing this kind of abuse is a paedophile psychiatrist by the name of Andrew Czechowicz.

He featured strongly at Don Dunstan's celebrations back in the day. That's when it all came together under Don Dunstan architecting this paedophile network incorporated into the government.

Key players all connected and enforcing each others misdeeds. It's a sick and dastardly system here in South Australia. The South Australian department of health are key players in this abuse network. Along with all the orphanages and boarding homes, it's so tight, there's nowhere to run.

Czechowicz wrote up a lot of procedures for diagnosing victims with a mental illness. His hands are so dirty with all of this muck.

To this day the abuse goes on where i am medicated and confined.